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Carbon Dioxide Monitors & Pulse Oximeters

Note: For CO2 monitoring, the patient must be intubated or have an endotracheal tube
Nonin 9840 series handheld pulse oximeters and CO2 monitors combines two major functionality into one. It allows you to measures the blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), pulse rate and also monitors carbon dioxide in one single unit. The Carbon dioxide monitor can operate independently from the pulse oximeter which allows users to select data separately or from both units. This portable oximeter can be used at home and hospitals in addition to first responders, ambulance and patient transport crews. Nonin 9840 series has been tested rigidly against drop and vibration susceptibility and are made to be "ruggedly active" in their performance. They require no calibration and use nVision ® Windows-based software for data transfer through either serial or USB adapter cables. The easy-to-use intuitive keypad allows for minimal operator training required.

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Nonin 9843 & 9847 Oximeters

Nonin, the first to bring the portable hand-held pulse oximeters to the world offers medical monitoring equipment that is reliable, accurate and durable, utilizing proven, leading-edge technologies. Two of Nonin Medical's bestselling hand-held pulse oximeters, from their 9840 series, are the Model 9843 and Model 9847. Both units have the ability to provide reliable CO2 monitoring from the "first breath," with no warm-up required, combined with pulse oximetry, either simultaneously or independently. Nonin 9843 is a non-alarm version while the Nonin 9847 is an oximeter with alarm and features full-function audible alarms.

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