Facts About Blood Pressure / Blood Pressure Guidelines

Facts About Blood Pressure

When it comes to your blood pressure, don’t miss a beat. Managing high blood pressure is vital. Learn how you can better your heart with simple changes to your lifestyle.

Take your heart to heart. It’s your most important organ. Still, 46% of adults suffer from high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. Don’t be that person. Take the right steps to monitor and manage your heart to decrease your risk of heart disease and increase your life expectancy.

Knowing the numbers.

When taking your blood pressure, it’s always good to know exactly where you stand. But first things first: What do the number actually mean?

Systolic Pressure is the top number. It represents the pressure as your heart contracts to pump blood to the body.

Diastolic Pressure is the bottom number. It represents the pressure between beats, when your heart relaxes.

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