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Pulse Oximeter Flexi Wraps

Concord Health Supply is pleased to offer a variety of high quality pulse oximeter flexi wraps from trusted medical supply manufacturers. Among our selection, we carry Nonin flexi wraps in 25 packs that are sized to suit the needs of adults, infants and neonatal individuals. These flexible wraps for oximeters make it easy to keep oximeters in place for continual monitoring of the user's pulse rate and blood saturation levels. Unusual pulse rates and blood saturation levels that dip below 95 percent can cause serious health complications, so it is vital for at-risk individuals to be regularly monitored.

Nonin's flexi wraps are compatible with reusable PureLight sensors, and this makes them a popular choice for medical professionals. Keep in mind that it is necessary for oximeters to stay in place to provide proper readings, and flexi wraps will ensure that this happens without causing patients any discomfort. Each package of wraps is offered with free shipping, and Concord Health Supplies takes pride in working closely with top-notch manufacturers to offer all of the sizes that any medical professional or individual could need at a very cost-effective price.

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Concord carries only high quality Pulse Oximeter Flexi Wraps from trusted manufacturers.  Concord carries Nonin Medical Pulse Oximeter and Concord Health Pulse Oximeter Flexi Wraps.  Concord Health Supply offers FREE UPS SHIPPING on all Pulse Oximeter Flexi Wrap orders.