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Best Blood Pressure & Pulse Oximetry Devices

When it comes to Nonin USA-made pulse oximeters and blood pressure monitors, Concord Health Supply is proud to carry this popular leading brand. As the undisputed manufacturer of pulse oximeters, Nonin focuses on creating noninvasive medical monitoring equipment. At Concord Health Supply, you can find a wide selection of fingertip pulse oximeters, handheld oximeters, wrist oximeters and Fiber Optic & MRI tabletop pulse oximeters. Our noninvasive blood pressure monitoring and pulse oximetry devices are all in one multipurpose machine designed to monitor both SpO2 and blood pressure. Our oximeters are proven for both medical use and personal use and can be used both by adults and children. You will find our prices to be highly competitive.

Nonin Avant 2120 BP Monitor

The Nonin Avant 2120 unit was developed to be mobile by carrying the unit with its integrated handle or can be attached on a rolling stand. It is a lightweight compact system with proven SpO2 monitoring and blood pressure device that is easy to use and can be taken anywhere at a moment's notice. This NIBP monitor can be used for adults and children. There are assorted sizes of noninvasive sensors and blood pressure cuffs that will adapt to each patients size. Physicians worldwide rely on the PureSAT pulse oximetry technology of the Avant 2120 unit. The SpO2 unit delivers a patients pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation accurately. Even with the most challenging patients the unit delivers a dependable, quality reading every time. The Avant 2120 also features the dual options of voltage or battery operation with a fast recharge to the battery. The printer has a lithium long-life battery and the paper is easy to load.

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