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Best Pulse Oximeter Software

The pulse oximetry software is highly useful as it retains all of the patient's data when the unit is turned off. Physicians can now see the patient's oximetry, pulse, and NIBP data on the display screen while the unit is in history mode. The reports can be viewed on the computer screen or faxed right from the computer. The patient's data report can be printed automatically or on-demand and are printed in large print so they can easily be read after being faxed or copied They are given a wide left-hand margin so the reports can fit into the patient's chart with ease. They can be printed in color or be condensed so the physicians can makes notes on the bottom of the report. Different headings can be used so the reports can be sent to different facilities. The reports all meet the guidelines for Medicare and other official offices.

Nonin nVision and PROFOX software

Concord Health Supply offers two advanced data management software for Nonin oximeters: Nonin nVision and PROFOX software. With these, you can easily read and interpret the reports, get saturation and pulse graphs, monitor patterns over 2 or 8 hours and get detailed information for each patient. The software also includes reports for how long a patient was at a specific oxygen level and pulse range or graphics for saturation levels, oxygen levels and pulse ranges. The software also includes the patient's vital oximeter data, information on the deepest saturation event's and analysis summary reports.

When you purchase the pulse oximeter software from Concord Health Supply, not only will you experience our amazing customer service but also get 100% satisfaction guarantee and free shipping on your order.

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TrendSense™ memory module TrendSense™ memory module, download cable and software
Price: $322.00
Sale Price: $306.00
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nVISION. Data Management Software for Oximetry nVision Data Management Software for Oximetry Screening
Price: $405.00
Sale Price: $384.00
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PROFOX Oximetry Software for Nonin Oximeters PROFOX Oximetry Software for Nonin Oximeters
Price: $499.00
Sale Price: $475.00
Save $24.00!