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Stands for Nonin Pulse Oximeters

Make your oximeter a portable pulse oximeter with our mobile rolling stands. Choose from our two high quality rolling stands: Nonin Deluxe and Nonin Avant pulse oximeter stand. Both stands come with adjustable pole heights that can be used on either side of the patient's bed or taken from one room to another. They have the electrical connections needed for medical equipment and a small basket for carrying around the supplies needed for the patient. The five wheels on the stand allows for better balance when moving the unit. The adjustable pole height allows for the pulse oximeter to be displayed at convenient levels. We also have pole mount clamp for Nonin tabletop oximeters that allows you to carry these between rooms easily.

In addition to carrying the oximeter, the pulse oximeter stand makes it convenient to carry oximeter accessories such as wrist bands, cables, batteries, power supply cords and lanyards for the patient's needs. Other accessories to carry would be the different size finger clip oximeter sensors for spot checking of patient's or for monitoring patient's for short periods of time.

As a leading supplier of Concord and Nonin oximeters, Concord Health Supply takes great pride providing our customers with high quality products at competitive price. All our products comes with 100% satisfaction guarantee and if you are unhappy with your order, please call us at 1.888.970.2999 and our customer service staff would be happy to assist you. Take advantage of our free shipping offer on all our oximeters.

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Pole Mount Clamp Pole Mount Clamp
Price: $115.00
Sale Price: $109.00
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Pole Mount Clamp Pole Mount Clamp for SENSE units
Price: $145.00
Sale Price: $138.00
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