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Fiber Optic & MRI Tabletop Pulse Oximeter

At Concord Health Supply, we're proud to be the number one retailer of Nonin-USA made oximeters. Nonin, the undisputed industry leader and the company responsible for the invention of the finger pulse oximeter, leads the world in the manufacture of non-invasive medical monitoring equipment. Here at Concord Health Supply, we offer a variety of oximeters for sale including fingertip pulse oximeters, handheld oximeters, and wrist oximeters in addition to Fiber Optic & MRI tabletop pulse oximeters. You can use our pulse oximeter for medical use or personal use depending on your needs and type you choose. We offer competitive pricing and free shipping on all our oximeters.

Nonin 7500FO Oximeter

The Nonin 7500FO is a lightweight, compact, ruggedly constructed unit that can be utilized in monitoring adult, pediatric, and infant patients. It is designed specifically for use in environments where MRI equipment is in use and the presence of any metallic materials is not allowed. It's particularly well suited for use in both fixed-site as well as mobile Magnetic Resonance Imaging facilities with its 30-hour battery, quick recharge (four hours) and 70 hours or more of onboard memory.

Used as either a stand-alone unit or interfaced with other equipment, the 7500FO has simple to use functionality, easy-to-read displays, proven PureSAT® pulse-ox technology and a 3.0 Tesla rating for MRI compatibility. A color-coded bar graph continually assesses patient status, delivering an audible tone at each pulse with pitch changes as patient's saturation levels change. Unit includes a safety fault indicator.

For answers to your questions or want to learn which oximeter is the best for you, give us a call at 1.888.970.2999 or send us an email.

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Nonin 7500FO Fiber Optic MRI Pulse Oximeter with Color-Coded Display Nonin 7500FO Fiber Optic Tabletop Pulse Oximeter for MRI
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